Refund Policy

Thanks for purchasing our products.

Please read the product description and specifications carefully, because we don’t accept returns for refunds if the goods aren’t what you want.

  • We make sure the listed product description matches the product.
  • Please consult first for the product / item if it is unclear via chat / product discussion.
  • If you make a transaction,  it is considered that you understand and the product ordered are what you wanted before the purchase was made.
  • Items you want to buy, must have been checked in advance by us.

Product returns are only valid within 7 days after the item is received.

  • Products are delivered in complete condition and in a box / plastic packaging complete with related accessories and the seal is not damaged. The product is not damaged and dirty.
  • Please send the invoice.

You can request a refund with another item if:

  • The product does not match the information provided in the product description.
  • There is an indication that the item you received is not ORIGINAL and we have evidence that the item is not original.

Refunds and returns will be made 1-2 working days after we have received the returned product.

  • Returns can only be done once, if a return has been received then you are not allowed to return the item back.

If you have additional questions please contact us 🙂